Whytecliff Park engagement photos | Krista + Javen

Sometimes, when we miss an opportunity, God puts another one in our path. That’s what happened for Krista + Javen, who first met at Westside Church one Sunday during Communion.

Krista remembers Javen was with a friend, seated in the row in front of her. When she got back to her row, she found Javen and his friend praying in the row where she had been seated. Afterward, she says, they joked with one another about playing musical chairs in church. When the service ended, Javen looked for Krista but, not wanting to interrupt Javen and his friend, she had already left.

Fast forward a few months…Krista + Javen were both using Bumble and connected again, though they didn’t realize right away that they had already met earlier. The two were a little surprised to find a fellow Christian on a dating site. Then Javen mentioned that he sometimes attended Westside with his friend and Krista realized that he was the one she had run into that Sunday during Communion.

On their first get together, they walked around False Creek and the more they talked the more they discovered they had a lot in common. Javen told her he still couldn’t believe she was really the one from that day at Westside. “God gave us another chance to meet,” Krista says.

I had the privilege of meeting these two lovelies at Mandi + Pat’s Fraser River Lodge wedding last summer, where Krista helped her friends out by serving as the day-of wedding coordinator. What struck me most about Krista is how kind, caring, and genuine she is…and that there’s deep joy that emanates from within. She has a delightful laugh and a knack for making others around her feel valued and appreciated. And Javen is very much like that as well.

Although at the time, the pair had only been dating for a few months it was plain to see there was something unique and wonderful between Krista + Javen. From the outset, they put God at the centre of their lives and that really solidified things for them. They built their relationship on the firm foundation of their mutual faith.

After they’d been dating for a little over a year, Javen asked Krista to marry him and now these two are planning their Best Day Ever—and the life that will follow—with Christ as their cornerstone.

Krista + Javen, I couldn’t be happier for the two of you…and I’m beyond honoured to capture your engagement and wedding day memories! Blessings to you as you begin your new life together! Here are just a few of my faves from your Whytecliff Park engagement session:

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